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We mould the stage fear into confidence.

Manch : National Speakers Assembly

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MANCH: National Speakers Assembly is the brainchild of several legal luminaries and eminent personalities across the country and the globe. “MANCH” is India’s first debating and public speaking school. It is a dream online platform which aims at proliferating “The Art of public speaking” and “The Art of Debating” providing ingenious understanding and cognizance of various fields to make sure that this art penetrates to every nook and corner of the ever-growing Nation, which will help in creating and developing “Young Leaders”.  
We offer an exceptional speech and debate education to students across the nation. We provide the best instruction and argument development support available, so that students will experience competitive success. 
Through ambitious and studious brains across the country, “MANCH” aims at providing valuable contributions on contemporary and social issues. We envision a Nation where every individual irrespective of their age, language, ethnicity, colour, gender and religion have a confident and optimistic voice. 


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