MANCH NSA has launched the ambitious Internship Program. As an Intern you will gain 
practical knowledge and exposure and connect to our team and thereby learn and polish skills 
including sales, networking, communication, management, and leadership skills.
We have launched Internships for 4 Departments
We require talented, inquisitive, hard-working students on board with us to brainstorm their ideas for our organization’s growth, development and prosperity. We seek students who are capable to handle difficult situations and work with our platform for a long term. In the longer run, if you get selected, you will officially become a team member in the MANCH: NSA fraternity.

"Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could change your life. Grab the opportunity now and improve your future career prospects!"

1. Content Writers
2. Campus Ambassadors
3. Design Board
4. Marketing Board

Internship Brochure  

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